Ford Personal Contract Purchase in Hampshire, Surrey & Berkshire

This convenient way of paying for a brand new or pre-owned vehicle is fast becoming the most popular finance option for drivers.

Rather than paying for the car in full from the outset, the cost is spread over a series of monthly payments that are typically far easier to afford. It’s a flexible plan which gives you the opportunity to decide whether you would like to eventually own the car, or trade it in at the end of the contract.

At the start of the contract you pay a deposit and then we work out the monthly payments. A portion of the cost will be saved for the end (known as the balloon payment) and you can decide to either pay the money to own the car, or hand back the keys and walk away. There’s also the option to use the equity of the car as part of the deposit for your next car.

This popular finance option is available across the whole of the Ford range of cars and can be set up by the sales team at any of our dealerships.

If you would like to know more about this specific plan or take a Ford for a test drive, contact your local Think Ford dealership in Surrey, Hampshire or Berkshire.