Ford Performance

Ford has an impressive motorsport pedigree, with a history of technological innovation and building beautiful cars that quickly become iconic. This industry expertise is evident in every model in the Ford range, and now it will be exemplified in the Ford Performance line. These cars include the racy Ford Mustang and the hotly anticipated Ford GT supercar. Ford Performance models will be exclusively available at the select few Ford Stores in the UK.

Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang brings the American muscle car experience to UK motorists. This striking model combines advanced Ford engineering with retro-modern styling and beneath its sculpted bonnet is a powerful V8 engine. The Mustang delivers a thrilling driving experience and is affordable, opening up the exciting high performance market to more driving enthusiasts. 

You can come and admire the Ford Mustang in the flesh at ThinkFord’s Ford Store in Guildford.

Ford Focus RS

The standard Focus is dynamic and engaging to drive and the RS model will retain this driveability and increase the power output to 345bhp. The Focus RS will also have a sophisticated all-wheel drive system for an even more connected performance. 

Now available to test-drive, come an experience the power beneath the metal at the Guildford Ford Store.

Ford GT

The original Ford GT left big shoes to fill, but the new GT model is set to exceed every expectation. Production of this mighty car begins in 2016 and a limited run of 250 will be built.

This high level of exclusivity means prospective owners will need to register interest early in order to be one of the first people to visit the Ford Store at ThinkFord in Guildford and take the new Ford GT for an exhilarating test drive.

Ford Focus ST

The Focus ST is an exciting yet user-friendly and practical sports car, making it ideal for driving enthusiasts who need a spacious interior and advanced technology. With subtle athletic styling details and a fun driving experience, the Ford Focus ST delivers fun every day.

Ford Fiesta ST

The agile and energetic Ford Fiesta ST makes light work of city driving and turns a winding road into a race track. With plenty of power, responsive steering and impressive cornering abilities, the Fiesta ST will always keep you on your toes.