Good Condition Bonus

To be eligible for Motability's 'Good Condition Bonus' it's important that you return your car in good condition at the end of your agreement.

The Good Condition Bonus could see you receiving dependent upon the length of the agreement: currently £250 for a three year lease and £450 for a five year Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle ( WAV) lease.


When you hand back your car at the end of the lease, Think Ford will take a photo and note a brief description of the car's condition. 

We know that over the course of your lease your car may show signs of wear and tear including minor scratches, dents or damage caused by wheelchairs or other mobility aids. However, if your car shows no sign of serious damage, you could be eligible for the bonus. You may still be entitled even if you have made an insurance claim or have a car on a low mileage lease extension. Please be aware though, if you have ended your agreement early, you will not be eligible for the bonus.

Ford Motability

Receiving the bonus

If you have met the eligibility requirements and are in line to receive the bonus, Motability will automatically send you a cheque within 28 days of the car being returned.

The Good Condition Bonus is Motability's way of saying thank you for looking after your Ford Motability car. When you return your car at the end of your lease, it is sold, either online through a network of dealers, or at an auction house. Handing back your car in good condition helps Motability to achieve the best prices, keeping costs low for all current and future customers.