Ford Motability Car Servicing in Hampshire, Surrey & Berkshire

Your car needs regular servicing to keep it running well.

As part of your worry-free Motability package, the cost of each service, and any maintenance repairs necessary due to general wear, are included.

Servicing of your Ford vehicle will either be annually, or when your car has been driven a certain number of miles, either way our Think Ford Service Team will contact you to arrange a convenient time for you.

What’s included in your service

For all car servicing and maintenance, you should bring your car to one of the Think Ford dealerships.

Services will usually include the following checks:

  • Engine oil
  • Windscreen washer fluid
  • Engine cooling system
  • Lights
  • Tyre tread
  • Tyre pressure - including the spare tyre

The service for each type of car will be different and varies upon age also. Other checks for brake pads or filters, for example, will be looked at as and when recommended by Ford Motor Company.


For any adaptations fitted at the start of your lease through the Motability Managed Adaptations Programme, your installer will notify you if any regular maintenance is required. If this is the case, it will be included as part of your worry-free package.

Good Condition Bonus

It's important that you adhere to the specified service schedules set out by Ford as you may receive a Good Condition Bonus at the end of your lease if your car has been well looked after. Our Servicing Teams will endeavour to book you in at the required intervals, so ensure we have the latest up-to-date contact information for you in order for them to do so.

Waiting for your car

The length of a service can vary depending on the vehicle age/mileage so you may need to organise transport home to avoid a long wait at the dealership. When booking your vehicle in you will be asked whether you are happy to just leave the vehicle with us, to wait in the Customer area, require the collection & delivery service or require a courtesy vehicle. If a courtesy car is your preference, then we will allocate one of our standard courtesy cars to you (subject to availability). If however you require a courtesy car with adaptations, you will need to speak to Motability in advance to make these arrangements.

Keep a record

Please ensure that you leave your service book in the vehicle on the day it is due for servicing in order that we can complete and stamp it for your records. Keep it safe and in good condition as it may be needed in future to prove the car has had regular servicing.