Fords Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD) monitors conditions to determine the amount of grip, cornering balance and responsiveness needed when the road (or terrain) is wet, dry or icy. By doing this it automatically sends extra power to the front or rear axle as and when needed, ensuring exceptional handling and improved efficiency at all times.

At lower speeds the Intelligent AWD system concentrates on improving traction to support driveaway and manoeuvring on slippery surfaces, or at high torque levels. For example, if the front wheels are on ice and the rear ones on dry tarmac, Intelligent AWD sends extra torque to the rear, putting power where it’s needed.

When you’re driving faster it moves the focus to delivering superb handling and a wonderfully responsive driving experience, while keeping an eye on traction. To do this it monitors hundred of times every second the way you are driving and constantly fine-tunes itself.

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