Ford SYNC with AppLink allows you to access smartphone apps through your vehicle. Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions, and answers, regarding this technology.

Are there any charges for using AppLink?

There are no additional charges from Ford if the customer has an AppLink compatible app on their smartphone.

What are the mobile data charges when using AppLink?

Standard data rates will apply. Any additional charges you may receive from your service provider when your vehicle sends or receives data through the connected device is not the responsibility of Ford. This includes any additional charges incurred due to driving in areas when roaming out of a home network.

Occasionally some data needs to be sent from AppLink to a backend server (e.g. VIN, SYNC module number, anonymous usage statistics and debugging information). Updates may take place automatically, which may result in some charges.

Does AppLink affect how the App functions or the speed of data connection?

No. AppLink works as a gateway for compatible apps to connect to your vehicle. If you experience slow data connection on the phone, or if the apps function poorly on your phone, you can expect the same performance when using AppLink; it does not improve or degrade performance or operation on your phone.

How does Ford SYNC with AppLink connect with the phones?

AppLink connects with Apple IOS using a wired connection using the USB port, and with Android via a Bluetooth connection.

What App categories does Ford use?

There are seven app categories used:

1. Music / AudioBooks
2. Navigation, Travel, Traffic
3. Productivity
4. News
5. Sports
6. Communications
7. Weather

Can I make a call while using an App with Ford SYNC?

Yes. You can make phone calls while running an app by pressing the voice button and saying “Call <name of the contact>" or “dial", followed by the contact number.

Is my existing Ford SYNC system compatible with AppLink?

No, the original Ford SYNC hardware is not AppLink compatible.

Can Ford SYNC be upgraded to be compatible with AppLink?

No, unfortunately the original Ford SYNC hardware cannot be upgraded to be compatible with AppLink.

Where are the Apps available?

Approved AppLink applications will be available for download directly from Apple iTunes and Google Play. To access the latest information about AppLink Compatible Applications go to the Ford SYNC AppLink App Catalogue webpage available through www.Ford.co.uk

If you have any further questions regarding Ford SYNC and AppLink, please contact think ford using the enquiry form below, or contact your local dealership directly using our contact details.