Get ready for the new Ford Kuga Vignale

The Ford Kuga Vignale is one of three models launching with the Vignale badge and style during 2016.

You can see the refined upgrades to the SUV's style immediately. It retains a strong body shape, tempered by smooth and graceful curves. The sweeping roof bars and door panel creases match many other flowing lines over the car. Vignale badging shows the Kuga's luxury positioning, and new wheel designs and paintwork colours widen your options.

Enter the cabin and settle into full leather upholstery, hand-crafted with double stitching and a 'Tuxedo' piping finish. This luxurious interior was first seen on the concept version of the Kuga Vignale, and drivers will be delighted that it features in the production model. The same soft, durable material covers the dashboard and the boot floor.

Engine options are expected to include a brand new 2.0-litre turbodiesel with an impressive 207bhp. Ford should also provide at least one petrol engine choice to satisfy a wider range of customers. All engines for the Kuga Vignale have yet to be announced.

One thing which is known about the SUV is that it will arrive with Ford SYNC 3 infotainment. The system itself has been updated and will have more intuitive and 'human' voice controls. For example, saying “I need a coffee” will now prompt SYNC 3 to direct you to a nearby café. The same logic applies for petrol stations, supermarkets and other popular destinations. Another feature for the new Kuga is the bespoke Vignale Service app for owners.

Forward-thinking technology continues in the model's safety specification. The original Kuga's five-star Euro NCAP score will undoubtedly be upheld by the Vignale.

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